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Everything you need to know in one place

Why should you spend all your money on Marketing material and training material.


If you have one product you should have one single file that contain all the information about it

OLO Elements allows you to aggregate all that information into one single file format, that delivers clear and detailed information to a diversified audience

Name, Title

Augmented Reality

OLO Elements lets you carry your entire product catalog everywhere, allowing you to demonstrate each product in real scale, 

in operation and, if necessary, in context.

This can be very useful for space planning and retrofitting 


OLO Elements can display inputs from multiple sensors and provide operators and managers with a constant feed of information.

Step by Step.png

Step by step procedures

Using photographs or 3D animations,

OLO Elements gives you constant access to all the Standard Operating Procedures you need when you need them. This greatly simplifies maintenance of complex mechanical equipment.

Part Ordering

When ordering parts OLO helps to identify the right part preventing human errors and reducing equipment downtime.

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