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Senior 3D developer, part time contract

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Type of Job

Part Time



Published Date

Senior 3D developer, part time contract

About the job

This is a contract job.

You’ll be working remotely with our product development team on AR and VR enterprise applications for Training and Visualisation.


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience in related field

  • Having shipped complex 3D mobile app, AR app, VR apps.

  • English Fluency

  • Proactiveness and creative problems solving skills

  • Knowledge of Unity 3D

  • Knowledge of BIM softwares such as Revit

About us

OLO specialises in the creation of AR and VR 3D solutions and products for the manufacturing sector. From Sales Ops, to Training and Delivery, Our solutions transform the way business is run for complex and/or large Equipment Manufacturers.

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