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Business Developer, Real Estate

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Type of Job

Part Time



Published Date

Business Developer, Real Estate

About the job

  • Sell Real Estate Developers to propose them virtual flat customisation and visualisation solutions
  • Identify other potential clients and/or partners in the real estate market and complete initial research on the prospective client's requirements.
  • Receive support from our Creative and Product team to craft contract winning proposals.
  • Negotiate contract terms with clients and communicate terms to the team.
  • Collect insights from interacting with existing leads and customers to help us to craft successful products and services.


  • Experience working in close contact with large Home and Office Real Estate Developers in South East Asia.
  • Experience working in close contact with Interior design firms and Contractors
  • A Cheerful personality that inspires trust.
  • An interest for new Technologies AR, VR, Real Time 3D.


About us

OLO specialises in the creation of AR and VR 3D solutions and products for the manufacturing sector. From Sales Ops, to Training and Delivery, Our solutions transform the way business is run for complex and/or large Equipment Manufacturers.

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