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Business Developer, Manufacturing and supply chain

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Business Developer, Manufacturing and supply chain

About the job

  • Identify potential clients and/or partners

  • Complete initial presentations when onboarding new clients

  • Build use cases based on the prospective client's requirements.

  • If you’re not already, you’ll become an expert in 3D for manufacturing and supply chain operations. You’ll understand the competitive landscape and be able to propose appropriate solutions based on our products

  • Receive support from our Creative and Product team to craft contract winning proposals and case studies.

  • Negotiate contract terms with clients and communicate terms to the team.

  • Communicate insights from interacting with existing leads and customers to help us to craft successful products and services.


  • Track record of 3D, software Automation, or training projects for the manufacturing Industry.
  • Demonstrated achievement in B2B sales with Integrators and OEMs
  • Understanding common challenges and pitfalls and Ability to articulate Customer problems.
  • Ability to identify Business Opportunities.
  • Audacity and resiliency
  • A Cheerful personality that inspires trust.
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including facilitation of group presentations

About us

OLO specialises in the creation of AR and VR 3D solutions and products for the manufacturing sector. From Sales Ops, to Training and Delivery, Our solutions transform the way business is run for complex and/or large Equipment Manufacturers.

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